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‘Die Pest haßt im Geheimen, brütet vor sich hin und wird durch den Druck des ständig verborgen gehaltenen Hasses gequält; sie wartet auf eine passende Situation, bis das richtige Opfer sich von selbst anbietet. Dann schlägt sie gnadenlos zu’ (Wilhelm Reich: Christusmord). File ÖKS: ‘Die Pest tötet… aus niedrigen Motiven’. Sie ‘hat nur ein Ziel: das Opfer zu töten’. ‘Everything so devoted is most holy to the Lord. No human being thus devoted may be redeemed, but he shall be put to death’.

Spiegel Augst 18 2019: ‘Wie kann man den Holocaust verstehen, dieses unfassbare Verbrechen? Wie kann man erklären, warum Menschen plötzlich ihre Nachbarn, Freunde, Partner ausgrenzten, verfolgten, töteten? Viel ist geforscht worden über die Schoah, die Ermordung von sechs Millionen europäischen Juden durch die Nationalsozialisten und deren Mittäter. Und doch bleibt es ein Stück weit unbegreiflich, wie die Täter im Hass jegliche Hemmung verloren und warum die Mehrheit tatenlos zusah.’

Siehe in ÖKS ab ‘Samuel 15:3 “Go now and fall upon”:

‘Mit solchen Brutalitäten rührte der biblische Großverbrecher… die Herzen der Menschen…

‘Bibelgeist… an die destruktivsten Züge der Menschen appelliert, sie heraufbeschwört und ideologisch sanktioniert’.

‘Religion… nicht nur… ein Verdrängungsreservoir[]… für mörderische… Wünsche…, sondern bring[t] das Verdrängte… auch zum Sprechen’.

‘Sechs Millionen Menschen aus keinem anderen Grund als aus dem der eigenen aggressiven Bedürfnissen getötet’ (Ö Zusatz 2).

‘Papst… verhält sich zum Führer wie das Feuer der katholischen Scheiterhaufen zum Feuer der faschistischen KZ-Brennöfen’_ deshalb wird die Konfrontation mit Holocaust gemieden, weil “die Opfer… mit dem Finger auf die christliche Welt zeigen” (op. cit.).

File ‘Destruction of the past’: ‘blank mind’, ‘blank pages’.

About the 2 suitcases you left in the airport the last time i couldn’t store them in my place since i didn’t have any free space so i gave them to a friend to keep for as long as he can. After your call i contacted him and he said that he threw them away because his storage room was flooded a month ago, he only found some papers inside which were destroyed from the water.

[[Keine Worte können den dem Nikos Grivas innewohnenden Teufel [‘Bescheissen… as ‘the general nature of the Devil’s attacks’ (Brown/ÖKS)_ ‘Affinität’ der ‘anale[n] Libido’ mit ‘Todestrieb’, und dass sie ‘auf Zerstörung ausgerichtet ist’] präziser darstellen als die eigene Schilderung oben.

It is ‘the libido fixation on the anal level’ (Fromm) and ‘the identity of the Devil [‘as the God of the Bible’ (file)_ appeared with anal zone] as anality… The identity of God and the Devil’ and ‘Devil as death instinct’. ‘Affinität der analen Libido zum [als Anbetungsphantom in den Himmel verlagerten] Todestrieb’, und dass sie ‘auf Zerstörung ausgerichtet ist’. ‘The God of the Bible is pleased with carnage’. ‘Christentum[]’, ‘History of anality’, ‘für die alltägliche Politik’ (KMP, ÖKS)]]

Please let me know if there is something more that you need. ‘Best regards, Nikos Grivas.

Himmler und andere Exekutoren… betonten… immer wieder, die Tötungen hätten auf ‘humane’ Weise ohne sadistische Exzesse, zu erfolgen’ (Erich Fromm: Anatomie der menschlichen Destruktivität).


Nikos Grivas <>

Ikaros Design provides web services since 2000. We are offering low cost professional web design, hosting, promotion and travel services like hotel bookings and car rentals. We are based in Naxos Island, in the heart of tourism, so we know how to present your travel related business on the internet better than anyone else… Eye-catching websites made with great attention to the details, designed to reflect the image of your business. We undertake the creation of websites of any size… Wide range of web hosting packages to fit your requirements…

Since 2009, Nikos Grivas, son of a retired police officer, was hosting my website, WordPress, ‘Domestic State Terrorism’.

Image result for iraj schimi

366 × – Iraj Schimi – Ikaros …

I admired his knowledge in the field and in computer technology. As my hard disk (Apple laptop) was damaged he replaced it with an external hard disk (300 Euros) and I could satisfactory work again. His sister, €10 an hour, copied and scanned the music (scores) for the computer and inserted them into the website, and disappeared with the website after my departure from Naxos (cf Naxos Computers). Nikos and I were not the kind of friends sitting around with a glass of beer and chat. Our relationship was limited to the website, had never any conflict/arguing, or discussing whatsoever.


‘Christchurch attack: Brenton Tarrant,

the murder of 51 people (Women and children were among those killed)… pleads not guilty…, smiling as he appeared via video link from Prison’ (Yahoo May 21, June 14 2019). There had been no ‘conflict/arguing, or discussing’ between those 51 people and Tarrant. Unanticipatable also the case of smiling Grivas that cannot arrive in the part of my brain where the process of understanding takes place…

By a telephone call he said he was lying in bed with fever. I brought him_ his bed in the living room of his parents (he lived always by his parents)_ vitamins I had received from Germany, had complete trust in him, was happy to have a person I could rely on… Now, after his long silence about the suitcases that they did not exist anymore until I lost my return ticket, he revealed that they were put in his [friend’s] ‘storage room’ that was ‘flooded… found some papers… destroyed from the water… threw them away’.

Cf. the Islamic counterpart in the file ‘Lumumbaization of Khashoggi (2)-AminShafaati’. ‘Shafaati… helpful to me… I was very happy to have him, paid him 1.2 million Tomans’. In a telephone call: ‘He comes tomorrow… ‘For what?’. He didn’t answer. ‘Is it important?’ Again silence’. He came then with two men… After long hesitation, after ‘Deed was done’, it was revealed: ‘encroachment on my computer’ had been the purpose, inserting USB disk into it, copying files, ‘damage and disable website’. Grivas revealed after long silence, after I lost my return ticket…, scores and books were destroyed.

Before my departure from Naxos, where I had lived more than 10 years, I gave him my mobile (Vodafone), an all-in-one device (copy, print, scan), two extra large tables, two pairs of dumbbells, and some smaller items.



Nikos Grivas

05/26/18 at 9:04 AM

My dear Nikos,

I am worried! I thought you came with car…

Are you okay? Send email.

Heartily regards





Iraj Schimi

05/26/18 at 5:16 PM

Hello Iraj,

Of course i’m okay, there was nothing to worry about. Thank you for your concern.

Best regards, Nikos Grivas Ikaros Design Mob : XXXXXXXXXXXXX nikos@ikaXXXXXXX

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05/26/18 at 7:42 PM

Thanks my dear for writing. I was very worried, am happy nothing bad has happened. It was very risky with the heavy and not closed carton on the motorcycle [Smaller things I gave him before my departure end of May]. Heartily regards


By flying from Naxos to Athens the airline refused to accept two suitcases because of overweight (together 70kg), and because there is maximal 4 suitcases allowed for one passenger and I had 6. I asked the lady there to call Nikos and he came shortly with a friend to the airport (the house where he lives with his parents, beside their hotel, placed close to the airport). For other suitcases there was also extra payments and the airline didn’t want to accept money, only credit card. Nikos paid it with his credit card and I paid him in cash. I thanked very much and farewelled and while Nikos and friend were carrying away the suitcases, I shouted after them: ‘Don’t carry. Pull…’.


Content of the suitcases

Mainly scores

[[that were not accessible to the Greek underground state (cf. in SiteTool: ‘prosecutor’, in KMP: ‘Schirmer. Memorandum’), and two packages I had asked to be sent by someone from America after the grand theft of my scores and orchestral parts in 2013 in Naxos. Vgl. in SiteTool: ‘Der Schengen-Staat Griechenland kann sich rühmen, als erstes Land zu gelten, das Partituren und Orchestermaterial vernichtet (verbrennt?). Steckt das sadistisch-katholische Österreich dahinter? Höchst wahrscheinlich ja’.

Related files: ‘Zwangsarbeit/Severed Hand’

, ‘We-the-Team’, ‘Nordic Music Days’, ‘New York-Zürich-Warsaw’: ‘because he is Iranian’, ‘international conditions totally control the situation’, ‘ancestral background’. Nikos and his sister knew all that. Destruction of my profession, amounting to eventually destruction of my scores in Naxos, the last step now by Nikos himself.

Nicht nur meine Partituren und das Orchestermaterial sind in Naxos verschwunden, sondern auch alle mit Hand oder Schreibmaschine geschriebenen Briefe, darunter von Prof. Uhl, Prof. Karkoschka und von Frau Cerha.

‘Gipfelpunkt des Sadismus und Verbrechens, deren sich die christlich geprägte Politik der Europäischen Union (Abteilung Griechenland)… rühmen kann’ (File Denn-sie-wissen-was-schmerzt).

He was introduced to me by ‘Dimitris (von Naxos) Tzafaras [Christian Arab

, living below my apartment. I didn’t know that time he was secret police].

May 28 2009 (File: 2004-2009+): ‘I was arrested by two police officers…, handcuffed’, put in prison. ‘Late in the night the officer, who had intimate conversation with his in underground working colleague [Dimitris Tzafaras (file ‘We-the-Team’)], came behind the barrier gate and said…: ‘gooood!’, and disappeared’… File Martin Schulz: ‘Es wird erhofft, dass das Opfer… sich auf eigene Faust zu schützen’ pflegt. ‘Wenn das Opfer nicht reagiert, muss es die Verbrechen und Sadismen unentwegt schlucken’. ‘Two times court in Naxos, costs: 967 Euros’.

Fike ‘’: ‘You, the Team, Amin Shafaati, Reza Akbari, Mohammad Ramezani [‘We… copying files’; ‘copied as much as possible files’]_

as in the case of the Christian Arab, Dimitris Tzafaras, who stole my scores_,

‘sit on the material [‘my secrets’] you have stolen and masturbate to death’ (2004-2009+).

‘The raiders went out… and brought back the heads, hands, and feet of their victims. A great feast and dance followed’ (Ö Zusatz 2). Großmasturbationsveranstaltung bei ‘’.

‘Stehlen von Partituren’ (File ‘We-the-Team’). C.f. also file ‘Destruction of the past’: ‘blank mind’, ‘blank pages’ (also in SiteTool)]]

and books (integral parts of my daily life), also copies of books that could not be bought (old or difficult to find) that I had copied in the Frankfurt Universitätsbibliothek and in some libraries in Denmark; used USB disks; CDs of my music; personal items; food supplements; shoes and sweaters.


I left Greece end of May 2018, moved to Iran.

[2013: ‘Colored Sweat’_ ‘Chromhidrosis…, heart failure’ (EU-GR Colored Sweat)_ of the underarms, itching in the back of head, swollen feet. 2018: In the first months of 2018 I developed the same symptoms (Colored Sweat…, much weaker), but swelling, unlike the one in 2013, which was on the bottom of the feet (I walked on pillows), it was updated, on the upper side of the feet: I could hardly come into my shoes.]

Cf. files: ‘Austrian-Iranian Citizen’, ‘Strong Republic’, ‘Lumumbaization of Khashoggi (2)-AminShafaati’: ‘damage and disable websites’, ‘ for home use’.

10/31/18 at 6:02 PM

Dear Nikos,

I believe you didn’t receive my following July-18 email:

Dear Nikos,

I can’t speak… Katalaveno? [Do you understand?] It’ll take long. I am trying to shorten it. Immense efcharisto [thanks] for coming to the airport. Heartily regards also to your friend who accompanied you. Iraj

11/06/18 at 5:33 PM

Hello Iraj,

I didn’t receive your previous message… I hope everything is good for you there. Best regards, Nikos Grivas Ikaros Design.

Excerpts from correspondence with Grivas:

11/08/18 at 12:22 AM

My dear Nikos, I am happy you have received my email… I was speaking to your father who said you are on holiday…

Heartily regaards with a hug! Iraj


11/09/18 at 3:15 PM

Hello Iraj,

I am indeed on a long holiday after a long and very tiring summer…

Best regards, Nikos Grivas Ikaros Design.


10/31/18 at 6:02 PM

I asked him to renew Intego. ‘Reimbursement will be mid-2019’.


11/10/18 at 12:15 AM

‘Suggestion: Here the data of my credit card [no money was in it]…, …, you put, say €40, in it’. Renewal is ’29+ (less than 30)’, and Intego will withdraw ‘the due amount for the subscription… So I don’t worry anymore’. Since 2009 Grivas has renewed it (€50). I received no answer from him. Not to lose VirusBarrier (Intego), after the experiences with Shafaati team [‘damage and disable websites’, ‘copied as much as possible files… It was meant to find how to pay from Iran the renewal for webpage and Intego’ (Lumumbaization of Khashoggi (2)-Shafaati)], unable to maintain Intego from Iran, I decided to go to Naxos as soon as possible, renew Intego and get my scores and books (suitcases).

By the catastrophic low value of the Iranian currency I had to put half of my yearly income into the ticket. Arrival in Naxos Thursday Dec. 20 early in the morning, departure Saturday Dec. 22 noontime. I went with a present I bought in the duty free shop in Tehran airport to the house where Nikos lives by his parents beside their hotels.

I never knew where in those three houses, the house where his parents lived, and the two hotel buildings, beside each other, where exactly he lived. Each time I was there I met him either outside or in the hotel reception. I gave the present to his mother and asked for Nikos. ‘He is in Athens’. I asked about the suitcases. She said they are in his place and she has no key for it. She called Nikos with her mobile and I told him that I am leaving Sat. Dec. 22, noontime, asked when he comes to Naxos. He, muttered_ reluctant to speak_, he doesn’t know, because of his ticket. I said come please today or tomorrow. He ‘can’t’, he said. He comes Sat. (Dec. 22) at 3 PM, he said.

12/20/18 at 4:45 PM

Dear Nikos,

you said you cannot come Friday. I need you ungently. If you can come only Sat. at 3, i have to try to postpone my ticket_ don’t know if it is possible, and if possible, there ist enormous additional costs. Send me parakalo as soon as possible your decision (maybe you have changed it in between).

All the best and see you!



12/21/18 at 11:31 AM

Hi Nikos,

would you be here tomorrow, Sat. 15 o’clock?, as you said you will. At what time can I come to you? This must be parakalo, sure! I am going now to change my ticket.

Heartily regards



12/22/18 at 12:17 PM

Dear Nikos,

where is your humanity going?_ after 10 years connection… Tell me parakalo when are you in Naxos and what time can I come to you?

Efcharisto poli!

Best regards



I was in between in contact with U-Office

to transfer my webpage to a new one.


12/22/18 at 3:39 PM

Dear Nikos,

I am sitting here in the U-office by Mr. Lefteris, who said you know him and he appreciates if you parakalo contact him:

Efcharisto Nikos!

Waiting for your reply.

Kind regards




12/23/18 at 12:56 PM

Dear Mr. Lefteris,

many thanks for your kind efforts. Please see below… 

I came to Naxos Dec 20 (Pempti) and contacted a few times Nikos, also Friday 21, by telephone and email. He said always he doesn’t know when he can come to Naxos because of his ticket… This he said also [Fr. 21] to my doctor who called him three times…

He didn’t mention that my luggage 70kg., my books and whole of my music scores… were destroyed.

[I sent him also my emails to Nikos and his complete email of Sat 22 [7:02 PM] where he writes: ‘… he

[his friend]

threw them away… found some papers inside which were destroyed from the water’. And his email Dec 22 at 7:08 PM: ‘Your website is XXXXX and the authorization code is hkyXXXX].

I hoped he comes for Christmas and I can get my things, tried to change my ticket: impossible!, I lost my return flight. An international cultural figure sent me Euros from Germany and I got a new return ticket. I wrote him: ‘Zurückzahlung: unbestimmte Zeit’. It was the stalling tactic of Grivas not to tell there are no suitcases anymore until I lost the return ticket (2019)]’…

Dear Mr. Lefteris,

I believe you come to office Dec 27. What time can I come to you to reorganize the webpage?

Again: Efcharisto poli for your kindness!

Yours truly

Iraj Schimi



Iraj Schimi

Dec 23 at 1:17 PM

Anytime we have the codes we will proceed with the server change . If we don’t have them we can’t do anything.

Waiting for the codes. 


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12/24/18 at 4:00 PM

Dear Mr. Lefteris,

Do you have now everything (the codes) you need to proceed? See please my previous email whith the writing from Nikos.

I don’t know what the codes are. Has it still something to do with Nikos? Here his email address: 

I really don’t know any code…

Friday Dec 28 I am leaving in the afternoon, appreciate to have done the necessary procedures for keeping the webpage until 15 o’clock.

Let me know parakalo as soon as possible if everything is okay and no problem anymore, and what time shall I come to you on pempti Dec 27?

Efcharisto poli

Yours truly




12/26/18 at 9:02 PM

Dear Mr. Lefteris

You wanted the password for the website and I gave it to you. I have parakalo no other password or any code. Please inform me what you think how to keep the website? Sorry disturbing Christogena…

With my very thanks for your efforts!.

Yours truly

Iraj Schimi




Strange that the email of Mr. Lefteris I

Dec 23 at 1:17 PM

Anytime we have the codes we will proceed with the server change . If we don’t have them we can’t do anything.


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had disappeared from the Inbox! I changed then the password.

Der verbrecherische griechische Staat_

Vgl. EU-GR Files, u.a. ‘Colored Sweat’, ‘Pit Bull Attack’, ‘Hose’, ‘Balcony Naked’_

ist in seinem Kern Sokrates-Killerstaat_

Der Tod des Sokrates. “Im ausgehenden 5. und im 4. Jahrhundert v. Chr. war die Hinrichtung durch den Schierlingsbecher in Athen üblich’. Sokrates wurde wegen „Ablehnung der vom Staat anerkannten Götter“, und weil er die “Jugend verderbe“, zum Tode verurteilt (Internet)_,

und wie der verbrecherische katholische Staat Österreich, ein sadistisch-destruktiver Staat, eingebettet in die geheimdienstlich-kriminelle Vereinigung der Europäischen Union als ‘something like fascism’.


Israel in Piräus_

The whole Western World works with CIA and Mossad

[‘Jeder westliche Geheimdienst kooperiert mit den Israelis… it’s US-Israeli atrocities’ (File ‘Eine deutsche Art zu sühnen’). ‘From the jungles of Asia to the isles of Greece… the CIA weaves its secret net’ (KMP)].

In Greece it is more direct. “Die neue Gaza-Hilfsflottille will in wenigen Tagen von Griechenland aus aufbrechen… Die MV “Saoirse” ist bereits das zweite Schiff, das an der Flottille nach Gaza teilnehmen wollte – und auf wundersame Weise plötzlich einen Propellerschaden erlitt. Ganz ähnlich erging es am Montag dem in Piräus ankernden Schiff Juliano …Auch hier war ein Teil des Propellers vermutlich von Tauchern abgesägt worden… ‘Das ist eine chirurgische Operation von Fachleuten’, sagte einer der Sprecher der Flottille. ‘Wer könnte das getan haben, wenn nicht der Mossad?… Fintan Lane, der Koordinator des irischen Schiffs… beschuldigt Israel der Sabotage. ‘Das war ein potentiell mörderischer Akt’.… Der Kapitän des Bootes ist sich sicher: “Die arglistige Beschädigung war derart, dass das Schiff unter normalen Bedingungen auf dem Meer gesunken wäre” (Spiegel, 01.07.2011).

“Greece has experienced a boom in ties with Israel” (Yahoo News Dec 5 2015). Yahoo News Nov. 21 2017: ‘The largest air drill in the Israeli Air Force’s history… with some 1,000 personnel from eight countries…, involved jets, drones, helicopters, and air defenses, as well as ground units… The participation of the German, Indian, and French Air Forces for the first time, who joined past participants Israel, the United States, Poland, Italy, and Greece’_,

(Israel in Piräus) also in Naxos?

C.f. (2004-2009+) around ‘… it comes repeatedly to my mind that he was a Jew, an Israeli_ und wie er ging, war jüdisches Gehen, Schiefgehen, wie die Krebse gehen’ (outsourcing!), und ‘We thought you come from Israel’.

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