Name: Iraj Schimi, born Feb 19 1936 in Tehran. See further in Aufführungen, TopoIntervals, 1990, Braunschweig.


Iraj 1968


Iraj 1937 Iraj 1937 Iraj 1939 iraj1939 iraj boxing

iraj boxing Andranik These two above pic. are from 1955 and 1958. I had 19 matches, one lost on points, did 13 KO, one time champion (57-60kg) in the country. Austria, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Greece (EU-countries),  knocked me persistently out since over 30 years as it is discussed in the webpage.

Mahmoud Schimi, my grandfather: Dr med, scientist, poet.

Dr Mahmoud Schimi picBelow Mirza Kazem Mahalati in France (Mahalat, city in Iran), scientist (that time, about 150 yours ago, family name did not exist), father of Dr. Mahmoud Schimi.

Mirza Kazem Schimi picThese two men as my ‘ancestral background’ (c.f. file: New York, Zürich, Naxos) are responsible for performance boycott of my music in the US and EU and destruction of my music scores in Greece.

Exodus 34: 6-7: “I will not fail to punish children and grandchildren to the third and fourth generation for the sins of their parents” (Paul N. Siegel: Religion and Power Across the World, page 5).