Black Finger Nail Habibi


Habibi Tavakolian, the landlady of the apartment rented to me since three years has destroyed its lock 4 months ago (now August 2021). It is not possible now to lock the apartmen when I leave the house. The lock inside of the door is still functional and I can lock the apartment when I am home.
She had disabled the lock of the door between street and the entrance door of my apartment, so I could not leave the house, was detained from Aug 7 (Mordad 16) afternoon until next morning as I started to call for help by climbing on the wall to reach someone in the street to get me out of the house arrest. I saw suddenly Habibi and her husband MohamadAli were standing before the door which was open and because of my calls neighbors had gathered there. Habibi had prepared some heavy sticks and as I came down from the wall she vehemently attacked me with them. Lot of blood from my finger. A strong man, double bigger than me, carried me a few meters and I thought he would throw me now somewhere…

Habibi is deeply religious and there is meterlong arabic writings hanging on the entrance door of the house especially in the holy-days.