The Islamic update-version of the ‘SA’

[‘The brown shirted stormtroopers of the ‘Sturmabteilung‘, ‘Assault Division’]:

‘Private individuals are set against one private individual’ (MV-Sarafi-Shiraz): ‘Restaurant’, ‘Hotel’ in Tehran: ‘Der Staat hat die Herren im Restaurant und im Hotel angewiesen, mich zu misshandeln und beleidigen_ und ich wurde misshandelt und beleidigt’ (ibd).

Related: ‘beatings and killings of dissidents and other civilians’ (‘Human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran).

Here in Gilan, for example in a shoe repair shop, also in Milad Print _ the same tactic and overpriced. 3, 4 guys following and asking me questions in the large open-air market (very ugly). November 7 2019, open-air market: Apparently

waiting for me, a 40 years old man, made some noises to call my attention to him, and while I went on he slapped from behind several times vigorously on my back. The Islamic Republic’s clerical mode of greeting. End of March 2020, Damdoosh, a local dairy I’ll not enter again_ have no time for details.

C.f., and in the file ‘Austrian-Iranian Citizen’: ‘Problems to get Internet. Mr. Razi operates’. Further: ‘Strong Republick’, ‘Forbidden’, ‘Human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran’.

‘THEY’ contacted newly my Landlord. Immediate change of his behavior. Immediate new demands. Increased the rent, imposed…

‘THEY’ told him I lived 40 years in America (not true). He said, against this background (he on the side of Iran, I on the side of America): ‘In vataname!’ (‘It’s my country!’). I said: ‘In vataneman ham hast’ (‘It’s my country too’).

I have been a few times in America but have never really lived there. I wanted to live there but after I was rejected (Schirmer: ‘ancestral background’) I left America. Last time there (now 2019) about 40 years ago.

He explained, as ‘THEY’ had whispered in his ear, the new accusation: ‘Anha tora biroon andakhtand’ (‘They threw you out’), ‘Kare badi kardi’ (‘You did something bad’).

True: ‘because he is Iranian’, ‘ancestral background’ (New York Schirmer 3 and 4).

The Islamic Republic, master for concocting accusations (see for example ‘Akhoondestan against Prostitution’), accused me of being Iranian, accused my ancestral background, and I was thrown out as despicable.

September 20 2019: Zwei, drei Monate bis Anfang September hatte ich Jucken am Hinterkopf, stark, aber nicht so stark wie 2008 in Naxos, Griechenland: ‘hartnäckiges, aggressives, Jucken am Hinterkopf’ (2004-2009+)+)_ wollte beinah mit Messer daran gehen… Anfang September wurde mir in der Wohnung ein üppiges Essen vorgesetzt. Am nächsten Tag schwere Herzrhythmusstörungen und langatmige Extrasystolen. ‘Since 10 days I am in a state of permanent dying, identical or with small variations heart symptoms like in Denmark and Greece’, I wrote to somebody Sept 12. To another one: ‘No doubt, I was poisoned. The doctor was horrified, sent me to the hospital in the large city[1], the specialist there said only, however strange: ‘You were in America?’_ so far the diagnosis. It is not strange. It is a precise diagnosis_ political. This heart specialist must have his experiences with these heart symptoms occurring in those who were in America. This is my interpretation, translation, of ‘Shoma Emrica boodid?’ [‘You were in America?’]_ here occurring symptoms after eating the served food.

Among other things my US Green Card, Social Security Number, US and German Driver’s License had disappeared…

Pinpoint destruction. Universal Declaration of the sacred and violence.

‘Sozialer Tod ist nicht genug. Ziel ist, das Herz zu stoppen’ (file Martin Schulz). Vgl. File ‘Neuvergiftet’, ‘Strong Republic’.

End of March 2020. ‘Damdoosh’, a local dairy I’ll never enter again_ in the category of ‘Private individuals are set against one private individual…

Schlaflose Ammamedaran (die mit gewickeltem heiligen Tuch auf dem Haupt), solange ICH ATME! In ‘Long Arm of‘: ‘Oh!, Oh!’_ und wie einfach du Ammame auf deinen Kopf legst, willst du den Inhalt deines Kopfes in meinen Kopf stecken.

[1]Signs of myocardial ischemia

Myocardial ischemia: reduced blood flow to the heart_ preventing the heart muscle from receiving enough oxygen.

Preparation for heart attack

If one of the arteries or branches becomes blocked suddenly, a portion of the heart is starved of oxygen, a condition called “cardiac ischemia.” If cardiac ischemia lasts too long, the starved heart tissue dies. This is a heart attack, otherwise known as a myocardial infarction — literally, “death of heart muscle.”

 In Denmark red blood cells as carrier of oxygen were damaged. ‘Eine Stufe vor der Katastrophe’ (2004-2009+). Extreme Müdigkeit_ ‘Soll ich meinen Arm bewegen?’ (ibd). Red blood cells that ‘deliver oxygen, remove waste’, were damaged. Zum Erwürgen legen sich die schmutzigen Hände des Gottesstaats nicht an den Gurgel. Sie erwürgen heimtückisch durch den Umweg Tabugesicht, innerlich, durch die Zerstörung der Träger von Oxygen. Vgl ‘Ammoniak an Hypothalamus’ (KMP). See in Nikos Grivas Naxos Greece Socrates Killer State: ‘Chromhidrosis…, heart failure’ .

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